Phuket Island 3 Days, Creative Food Map + Play Map


Poor Travel Assistant] The planning tool is not Google Map in China, so the planning before the trip is very hard. The App has a map version and can visually see where you want to go on the map. The way to use it is very simple. Pull the place you want to go on the day into the itinerary, then let the system help you optimize the route, you can also adjust it yourself, so you don't have to worry about wasting time on the road to turn around.

1. [Patong Beach]

Phuket Pattaya, located on the West coast, is the most developed and modern beach on Phuket Island. Transportation is very convenient, commerce is developed, and the category of hotels is the largest. Whether it is small residential or star-rated hotels, you can say that you choose. But the disadvantage is that there are many busy people, there will be a little noise at night, and the sea water is relatively less clear and clean.

2. [Kata Beach]

Kata Beach is the smallest of the three beaches, but it has the clearest water and two beautiful bays, which are Q-sprouting and fat W-shaped. The two beaches are nicknamed "Big Carta" and "Little Carta" by local people. Luxury resort hotel is the main hotel, if there is no high demand for living, may as well find a small lodging facing the sea, see the sea tide ebb and flow, suitable for friends who like tranquility. Kata also has a relatively small commercial street, many bars and restaurants, and rich nightlife.

3, [] Karen Beach (Karon Beach)

Karen Beach is one of the longest beaches on Phuket Island. It is 4 kilometers long. There are several large resorts nearby. The beach is quite Sandy and powdery. Surfing enthusiasts'paradise, but suitable for surfing season, the waves are too big to swim at all, that is, the feeling of being thrown in the water at will; there are medium to high-level resort hotels, friends who like surfing, should be the first choice here. Changsha Beach is very suitable for couples to walk on the beach and watch the sunset at dusk. It is very romantic.

4, [Phuket Town]

Located in the south of Phuket Island, it belongs to the capital of Phuket. An old city with a slow pace, a small weekend market, a local tea restaurant that feels like old Hong Kong, and a cat coffee that my sister loves so much. (Details of the recommended mini-games.) The accommodation here is mainly residential, the price will be relatively low, but the disadvantage is that transportation is not particularly convenient.

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