teefeet T70 53 inch iPad Tripod Aluminum Smartphone Tripod for iPhone iPad Pro C


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Product Details

Product description


Product Features: Ultra-light material with perfect crafts, this travel tripod if very suitable for take with when traveling. We are also equipped with a phone & iPad clip, so that you can quickly and easily use mobile phones, tablets, lightweight cameras to take beautiful photos

Product Functions: Stable flip lock system with stronger locking force, just open the lock to the unlocked position and extend the part you want to extend.The legs of the tripod can be extended together or separately to obtain stable or different shooting angles

Pan-Tilt Function: Independant lock control, which can flip the phone down to 180 degrees and paning 360 degrees, tilt and move from horizontal to vertical shooting direction to adjust the shooting angles

Warning: The product is a basic lightweight tripod, not suitable for professional video recorder and large DSLR or any device beyond the scope of the load

Product Specifications
Weight: 0.73lbs
Height: from 15 to 53 inches
Matrial:Aluminum and ABS plastic
Load Capacity: Less than 4 lbs
Cellphone Clip: Competible with the device within 10 to 2.2 inches
Blutooth: Compatible with Android and IOS system

Packing List
1 * Lightweight Tripod
1 * Bluetooth Remote Control
1 * Multi-function Cellphone/iPad Clip
1 * User Manual    


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